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Application of Temperature Humidity Sensor in Computer Room and Remote Intelligent Monitoring

Application of Temperature Humidity Sensor in Computer Room and Remote Intelligent Monitoring

1. Application of temperature humidity sensor in central computer room

With the rise and rapid development of the Internet, the speed of information exchange and dissemination is getting faster and faster, and the amount of information is also increasing. The central computer room has become an important place for some companies and related institutions to store, process, and share data. It is very important for enterprises to ensure the normal operation of servers or processors in the computer room. Due to most electronic devices in the machine room, environmental temperature and humidity will directly affect its working conditions, so temperature humidity sensor become an indispensable part of the computer room environment integrated monitoring system.

A large number of various semiconductor devices are used in modern electronic computing devices, which will heat up in a long working state. When the temperature rises, the performance of each device will decrease. The heat-free semiconductor releases heat to the air to increase the ambient temperature, so that its own heat dissipation effect is weakened. Further, the temperature of the semiconductor device is raised, which affects the normal operation of the equipment. The ambient temperature is detected by the temperature sensor industrial applications. When the temperature is too high, the machine room cooling measures are activated to ensure that the ambient temperature is normal.

In addition, humidity in the machine room also needs to remain in a suitable range. Because if the air relative humidity is too low, that is the air is too dry, the electrostatic pressure will rise significantly, and the equipment and personnel are severely harmful. When the air humidity is too high, the water vapor in the air is easy to form a water film on the surface of the circuit, resulting in circuits and arc phenomena.

2. Temperature humidity sensor in remote intelligent monitoring

The new remote monitoring technology makes remote smart infantena protection. Parents can monitor baby sleep activities at any time by remote smart infants.

Currently, some baby monitors have a high precision temperature and humidity sensor. The temperature and humidity of the room will be displayed, which can help parents clearly understand the temperature and humidity environment when the baby sleeps. The temperature sensor medical device is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and LAN. Even if the parents work in work, when they miss the baby, as long as they start the phone on the phone, they can see baby.

The China temperature sensors in the remote baby's viewer requires the sensor to have a small size of low power consumption, which can be used for low-energy consumption and wireless compatibility. It is more energy-saving and extended system battery life. When the application is not measuring, the temperature humidity sensor enters the sleep mode. In this mode, the power consumption is only 1uA, and the sensor consumes only 750uA when working at full load.  This makes it widely used in baby monitors, respiratory equipment and other applications.

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