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Application of Temperature Sensors in the Laboratory

Application of Temperature Sensors in the Laboratory

The customizable characteristics of the temperature transducer determine more flexibility in use. The laboratory has relatively complicated measurement requirements for various parameters. The application of several temperature transducers in the laboratory is in the following:

The first type: monitoring of parameters such as pipe temperature in the laboratory

There are many types of media that need to be measured in the pipeline of the laboratory, and each medium has different characteristics. The packaging size and installation form of the temperature sensors need to be designed according to the environment, and special attention should be paid to the sealing and corrosion resistance of the temperature transducer. At the same time, design the installation location of the sensor. Laboratory data requirements are relatively high, and representative data can only be collected at the appropriate location.

The second type: high-precision data requirements in the laboratory

Some experimental results require high accuracy. In addition to selecting high-precision temperature transducers, it is also necessary to pay attention to the impact of line length and other factors on the accuracy in response to this situation. It is necessary to select matching high-precision instruments.

The third type: temperature measurement in extreme laboratory environments

The extreme environment of the laboratory includes ultra-high and ultra-low temperature, rapid temperature change etc. This requires the selected temperature sensor to be able to work in the extreme environment for a long time, and a packaging form with high sensitivity and easy installation and replacement must be adopted.

The fourth type: multi-parameter multi-point environmental monitoring in the laboratory

Usually parameters under monitoring are temperature, pressure, liquid level, humidity etc. It is necessary to select a sensor that matches the signal of the collector, design a layout method, an appropriate installation method, and realize on-site display, over-limit alarm, historical data storage, and analysis charts according to requirements export and other functions. At this time, the temperature transducer as a part of the system must match the entire system.

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