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Characteristics and Applications of NTC Thermistor Materials

Characteristics and Applications of NTC Thermistor Materials

NTC thermistor is the abbreviation of negative temperature coefficient thermistor, and its resistance value decreases with the increase of temperature. It is used in temperature detection and temperature compensation circuits of various products.

1. The characteristics of NTC thermistor materials

Structurally, the NTC thermistor matrix is a high-performance electronic ceramic prepared from metal materials such as nickel (Ni), manganese (Mn), cobalt (Co) at high temperatures, and then fired conductive paste at both ends to form electrodes.

The shape of NTC thermistor for temperature measurement is generally lead type (THT), chip type (S MD) and so on.

The resistance value and temperature of NTC thermistor material change exponentially with the increase of temperature, and decrease with the increase of temperature. The formula is as follows: RT=R0ex pB(1/T1/T0).

Among them, RT is the resistance value when the ambient temperature is T (K), R0 is the resistance value when the working temperature is T0 (K), B is the B constant, and the B constant is the basic characteristic of the NTC thermistor, which reflects the change trend of resistance value with temperature.

It is worth noting that the temperature is different, and the B constant will change slightly. For details, please refer to the data sheet provided by the thermistor supplier.

2. The application of NTC thermistor materials

As the temperature changes, the resistance value of the NTC thermistor will change at a rate of 3≤5 (percentage)/℃. As one of the most professional temperature transducer suppliers, NTC thermistor is often used in smart phones and other electronic devices to prevent the phone from overheating, because overheating may damage some precision components and make key components of the mobile phone fail in advance.

It can be seen that the NTC thermistor is the temperature detector of the smart terminal. By measuring the internal temperature of the smart phone, and then controlling and processing the temperature through these data, it can be safe and reliable, avoiding potential safety hazards and effectively improving the equipment service life.

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