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Points to Note when Using Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistors

Points to Note when Using Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistors

Ⅰ. NTC is called negative temperature coefficient thermistor

It is made of fully mixed and sintered ceramic materials and manganese cobalt nickel oxide, which has the characteristics of small resistance temperature fluctuation and quick response to various temperature changes.

NTC thermistor can be used as a high-sensitivity, high-precision temperature sensor, and is often used for real-time temperature monitoring as a electronic temp sensor. As the body temperature rises, the resistance of NTC decreases non-linearly, which is the characteristic of NTC.

Ⅱ. The details that need to be paid attention to when using NTC thermistor

1. Pay attention to the working temperature of negative temperature coefficient thermistor.

Do not use it outside the operating temperature range of NTC thermistors. The working temperature of φ5, φ7, φ9, φ11 series is -40 ~ 150 degrees. The operating temperature of φ13, φ15, and φ20 series is -40 to 200 degrees.

2. Use NTC thermistor under rated power.

The maximum rated power of each specification is 5-0.7W, 7-1.2W, 9-1.9W, 11-2.3W, 13-3W, 15-3.5W, 20-4W.

3. Precautions for use in high temperature and high humidity environments

If you need to use the NTC thermistor in a high temperature and high humidity environment, please use an external thermistor to expose the closed part of the protective film to the environment (water, humidity), and the open part of the sheath does not directly contact water and steam.

4. NTC negative temperature coefficient cannot be used in hazardous gas and liquid environment

Do not use it in a corrosive gas environment or in an environment where it is exposed to electrolyte, salt water, acid, alkali, and organic solvents.

5. Protect the wires.

Do not excessively stretch or bend the wire and apply excessive vibration, shock and pressure.

6. Keep away from heating electronic components.

It is recommended not to install heat-generating electronic components around the power-type negative temperature coefficient thermistor, use products with higher bending feet, and use NTC thermistors to place other components on the circuit board so that the heat does not affect the normal operation of other components.

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