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Motor Temeperature Sensor
  • Motor Temeperature Sensor
  • Motor Temeperature Sensor

Motor Temeperature Sensor

Specification: TPS190629-11-C


Material: National standard copper nutshell, high-temperature injection mold

Applicable temperature range:-30~200℃

Output signal: analog signal output


High-temperature glass sealed thermistor and high-temperature injection mold are packaged by ultrasonic welding, with fast response speed and good water resistance.

Material, length, size, chip, heat resistance can be customized. Without stock, samples can also be arranged.

Engine temperature sensor, high-temperature resistance,

The response speed is fast, the precision is high, and the stability is good.


Our electric motor temperature sensor can be used as an engine temperature sensor, or for motor temperature detection.

General parameters

B value(R25/R50)3380395034704200397741004200

Note: What is the B value:

A material constant that describes the resistance-temperature relationship. The value of B can reflect the scale of resistance to temperature change between two specific temperatures. As the temperature changes, the resistance value of a product with a large B value under the same conditions changes more, that is to say, it is more sensitive.

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