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Power NTC Thermistor
NTC Thermistor

NTC Thermistor FunctionDefinition of NTC thermistor: a negative temperature coefficient resistance and its resistance value decrease with the increase of temperature. NTC thermistor is widely used in ...

Power NTC Thermistor

NTC Thermistor Types

NTC Thermistor Definition

Definition of NTC thermistor/NTC Probe Meaning: a negative temperature coefficient resistance and its resistance value decrease with the increase of temperature.

NTC Thermistor Working Principle

NTC Thermistor Working Principle: NTC thermistor is widely used in switching power supply, module power supply, temperature sensor, UPS power supply, electronic ballast, automatic adjustment heating and so on.

NTC Thermistor Function

Power ntc thermistor is small in size and large in power. The main function of power ntc thermistor is to suppress the surge current in the power supply circuit, and ntc power thermistor is generally connected in series to the mains input. NTC type thermistor has a rated zero power resistance value, and when connected in series in the power loop, negative coefficient resistor can effectively suppress startup inrush current and consume almost negligible power.

FAQS of Types of NTC Thermistor

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    What is a NTC Thermistor Used For?


    NTC Thermistor Application

    1. Temperature compensation in instrument circuits

    In meter circuits, there are many elements made of wire like wire wound resistors. Metal wire generally has a positive temperature coefficient, and the compensation of NTC thermistor with a negative temperature coefficient can offset the temperature changes caused by the error.

    2. Stabilize operating points in transistor circuits

    When the ambient temperature changes, the line output current will also change. NTC probe meaning electronics can automatically adjust the collector DC current of the transistor, and stable transistor output gain.

    3. NTC thermistor for temperature measurement

    As the resistance of the thermistor changes with temperature, the microammeter indication connected to the bridge diagonal changes accordingly. The accuracy of the thermistor thermometer can reach 0.1℃ with less than 10s temperature sensitivity.

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    How Does NTC Thermistor Work?


    Working principle of positive temperature coefficient NTC thermistor

    This thermistor is sintered at high temperature with barium titanate as the basic material and some rare earth elements added. When the temperature is low, due to the electric field in barium titanate semiconductor, conductive electrons can easily cross the barrier, so the resistance value is small; when the temperature rises to the Curie point temperature, the internal electric field is destroyed and cannot help conductive electrons cross the barrier, so it shows a sharp increase in resistance.

    Working principle of negative temperature coefficient NTC thermistor

    Negative temperature coefficient thermistor is made of manganese oxide, cobalt oxide, nickel oxide, copper oxide, alumina and other metal oxides. These metal oxide materials have semiconductor properties, similar to germanium and silicon crystal materials, with a small number of carriers (electrons and holes) in the body and high resistance. In ntc uses,s the temperature increases, the number of carriers in the body increases and the resistance decreases naturally.

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    What is the Range of NTC Thermistor?


    In practical application of different types of thermistors, power type NTC thermistors should work in the rated operating temperature range as far as possible. Beyond the specified upper and lower temperature, there may be the failure or damage of power type NTC thermistor.

    Because the power type NTC thermistor is greatly affected by the ambient temperature, the maximum steady-state current is generally given in the product specification at normal temperature (0 ~ 25℃). Some foreign brands of power NTC thermistors give the maximum steady-state current 0~65℃, which will be more in line with the actual use of the product.

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