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PCB Solution
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PCB Solution


1. Isolation board: fire retardant. The material is PCB+ABS or PA66, etc.

2. Shell of collection end: pure nickel shell, thin shell wall, fast heat conduction, and good welding penetration effect.

3. 1060 aluminum bar: light structure, small impedance, fast heat dissipation.

4. Connection and fixation: laser welding, firm and beautiful, with high degree of automation.

5. High sensitivity and rapid response (resistance value and B value accuracy can reach ±1% respectively).

6. The withstand voltage of the finished product is as high as 4200VDC.

7. Built-in high-reliability performance single-ended resistors, equipped with patented internal structure technology, with a life span of up to 20 years.


1. Integrated temperature sensor and voltage signal acquisition;

2. Integrated connector quick connection;

3. Integrated fuse protection;

4. Avoid wiring errors;

5. Reduce the assembly action and make the performance more reliable;

6. The space is more compact and the volume is smaller;

7. Adapt to mass production of automobile automation.


Industrial and commercial energy storage,

communication energy storage,

household energy storage,

portable energy storage

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