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Pellet Grill Inside Temperature Sensor TPS200813-31
  • TPS200813-31
  • TPS200813-31 1
  • TPS200813-31
  • TPS200813-31 1

Pellet Grill Inside Temperature Sensor TPS200813-31

TPS24 type Microwave temperature sensor is a high level temperature sensor, very stable performance with very short response time, when you need to upgrade your product performance, this type temperature sensor can meet your demand.


Material: semiconductor ceramic resistor chip/SUS304 stainless steel shell/high temperature shielded wire

Applicable temperature range: -45~500℃

Output signal: analog signal output


600℉ temperature resistant PT1000 imported resistance chip

Material, length, size, chip,

The temperature resistance can be customized. No inventory, sampling is available.

Special temperature sensor for a wood pellet smoker, high-temperature resistance.

Fast response, high precision and good stability.


Our pit boss pellet grill temp sensor can be used as a special temperature sensor for a  wood pellet smoker.

General Parameters

Nominal      Resistance R0ToleranceToeranceTemperature range
100ohm  at  0℃Class 1/3 BF 0.10℃to150℃
Class AF 0.15-50℃to300℃
Class BF 0.3-70℃to500℃
1000ohm  at  0℃Class BF 0.3-70℃to500℃
TC 0/100=3850-70°C to +500°C (continuous operation)  (temporary use to 550 °C possible)

Note: What is the B value:

A material constant that describes the resistance-temperature relationship. The value of B can reflect the scale of resistance to temperature change between two specific temperatures. As the temperature changes, the resistance value of a product with a large B value under the same conditions changes more, that is to say, it is more sensitive.

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