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Application Of NTC Thermistor

Application Of NTC Thermistor

With the improvement of people's living standards, consumers' demand for intelligence of electrical products and appliance is getting increasingly higher, and the thermistor industry has also developed vigorously.

I. What Is NTC Thermistor

The NTC Thermistor is a negative temperature coefficient resistance and its resistance value decrease with the increase of temperature. This model can be used to measure temperature and as a voltage divider circuit to decrease voltage drops by increasing current or for limiting current by decreasing voltage.

II. Use Of NTC Thermistor In Modern Life

1. With fast response speed, NTC thermistor medical temperature probe is used to monitor the temperature of incubator, thermometer, medical equipment, ultra-small medical temperature sensor and special detector for medical disinfection cabinet.

2. NTC thermistor is also commonly used in modern digital thermostats, monitoring the temperature of battery pack during charging, lithium battery equipment, and overheat protection of portable power.

3. Power NTC thermistor chip is used to measure the temperature of the water in cars, ambient , intake air , coolant , engine oil and so on.

4. NTC thermistor temperature probe is used in food processing and processing industry, especially for food storage and preparation system. Maintaining proper temperature is essential to prevent food-borne diseases.

5. NTC thermistor temperature sensor is used in household appliance to measure temperature. Bakers, coffee machine temperature sensor, refrigerators, freezers and hair dryers all rely on NTC thermistors for proper temperature control.

6.  The NTC thermistors is fixed in the hot zone of the 3D printer thermistor, monitoring the heat and circuit of the printer to keep a constant temperature to melt plastic filaments.

III. NTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor Application

NTC thermistor chip is used as resistance thermometer (another kind is PTC resisitance) in 10K for low temperature measurement. NTC thermistor can be used as surge current limiting device in power supply circuit. NTC temperature probe is used in floor heating, electric gloves, bathroom thermostatic mattress, vegetable greenhouse and thermostatic granary. NTC thermistor temperature sensing line is used in refrigeration fields such as: ice maker, dry thermostat, electronic refrigerator, defrosting refrigeration equipment, evaporation temperature and condensation temperature control of refrigeration system.

One of NTC uses is to be a timer in the degaussing coil circuit of most CRT displays. Degaussing circuit using PTC thermistor is simple, reliable and cheap. As a PTC heater in the automobile industry to provide extra heat, there is a diesel engine in the cabin or diesel oil heated in cold climate before the engine is injected. We can use PTC thermistor as the protection device of current limiting circuit as a substitute fuse.

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