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Topos expands its new energy production line and is committed to providing better and safer temperature measurement products for new energy products.

In April 2022, Topos joined the Gas Appliances Branch of the China Hardware Products Association.

Entrusted by the association, Topos has drafted the "Safety Device for Preventing Dry Burning of Household Gas Cookers" plan and submitted the "Application for Revision of Gas Appliance Standards".

On August 19, 2022, the group standard seminar on the development of the "Safety Device for Preventing Dry Burning of Household Gas Cookers" was grandly held at the drafting unit, Topos.

Topos Shenzhen headquarters relocated to Skyworth Innovation Valley.

Topos Hubei Ezhou factory has also sprung up and quickly put into operation.

The company was established as a reliable single ended glass encapsulated thermistor manufacturer in the domestic industry that can produce high reliability in bulk.

Becoming a qualified second tier supplier for Shanghai Volkswagen, as well as a qualified supplier for KEPER from Spain and DWYAR from the United States, and cooperating with them until now.

Smart Fire continues to make efforts, and the company has a market share of 80% in the smart fire industry.

The successful trial of theoretical curve formula and linear formula has achieved technological heights for the company.

The self-developed fully automatic glass packaging machine has been successfully debugged and put into operation, becoming the third enterprise in the world that can produce fully automatically.

Obtained TS16949 certification certificate.

We have been a qualified supplier for A-class fire protection enterprises such as Zhuhai Pino and Hikvision in the smart fire protection and power industries.
Layout the new energy industry and become a qualified supplier for BYD New Energy and BASBA to this day.

Successfully developed an ultra small single ended thermistor with a diameter of 0.8.

Strategic cooperation with Wuhan University of Technology, starting from the end, to deeply develop new material technologies based on the next 10 years.