• Wireless food probe
  • Wireless food probe
  • Wireless food probe
  • Wireless food probe

Wireless food probe

Material: Food grade stainless steel/ceramic/high temperature shielded wire

Operating temperature range: -10~300℃

Response speed: 1S

Output signal: Analog signal output


1. The variable-diameter tip probe has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance and no rust, high strength and long service life, and accurate and sensitive temperature sensing.

2. Ceramic handle, precisely matched with metal tube, easy to clean and can be washed and rinsed directly

3. Dual temperature, oven temperature + meat temperature both support range over-limit alarm

4. Long battery life, oven high temperature 30h+

5. Fast charging, charging can be completed quickly in 120 minutes

6. Wireless transmission is more convenient and faster, using AIBBQ app to connect the probe, ultra-long distance transmission, up to 100m+ in open space

7. Have its own design method in structure

8. Charging cradle with charging status/power display

9. The safety line adopts a unique ceramic + glue bite structure

10. All products of the high-end version are boiled in water for 2 hours for testing to ensure that no water enters the product. Medium and low-end versions are randomly inspected.

Bluetooth versionBLE 5.1BLE 5.1BLE 5.1
Charging methodcharging basecharging basecharging base
Battery life (working time)30h+24h+20h+
SensorDual NTC (single-ended glass)Single NTC (single-ended glass)Single NTC (SMD)
Meat temperature measurement range-10~100℃-10~90℃0~75℃
Furnace temperature measurement range-10~300℃//
Communication distance in open space60m+50m+40m+
waterproof levelIP67IP67IP67

Wireless oven temperature measurement

barbecue wireless temperature measurement

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