Application Lithium battery equipment
Lithium battery equipment
Lithium battery equipment

Topos Temperature sensor/wiring harness for lithium battery equipment.

Distinctive features: easy to install and adapt to various installation requirements; stable performance (PT100, PT1000, high-precision and high-sensitivity NTC); resistance to electrolyte corrosion (surface anti-corrosion treatment, etc.), high withstand voltage, and high insulation.

Lithium battery equipment
Applications Case
    Using TOPOS temperature sensor
    Using TOPOS temperature sensor
    Using TOPOS temperature sensor
    Using TOPOS temperature sensor
TOPOS Research
TPOPOS・Energy storage industry cluster temperature collection experts

· Few domestic advanced manufacturing companies with NTC chip (0.6mm packaging technology) design capabilities

· There are very few domestic full-size automatic single-end glass sealing machines and single-end thermistor testing machines

· Domestic exclusive dual temperature point (B value) diode-type thermistor tester, achieving 0.3% accuracy for medical and military use

· 5 invention patents, 100 utility models, 2 reserved technologies

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