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Car Equipment
Car Equipment

Topos vehicle temperature management system includes temperature detection of electric motor, power battery cooling system, brake system and air conditioning system (condenser/air outlet) temperature detection to prevent overheating.

Car Equipment
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    Using TOPOS temperature sensor
    Using TOPOS temperature sensor
    Using TOPOS temperature sensor
    Using TOPOS temperature sensor
TOPOS Research
TPOPOS・Energy storage industry cluster temperature collection experts

· Few domestic advanced manufacturing companies with NTC chip (0.6mm packaging technology) design capabilities

· There are very few domestic full-size automatic single-end glass sealing machines and single-end thermistor testing machines

· Domestic exclusive dual temperature point (B value) diode-type thermistor tester, achieving 0.3% accuracy for medical and military use

· 5 invention patents, 100 utility models, 2 reserved technologies

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