Application Charging gun/pile/seat
Charging gun/pile/seat
Charging gun/pile/seat

DC/super charging is considered to be one of the key factors to promote the development of electric vehicles. Ultra short charging time requires excessive current, which puts great pressure on the power electronic equipment in the Charging station, and also makes thermal monitoring more critical. In order to ensure safe temperature monitoring and avoid overheating, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) stipulates that the temperature sensor used in the connector system must meet the minimum requirements of the IEC TS 62196-3 1 DIN standard. Therefore, temperature sensors must have reliable measurement accuracy.

Charging gun/pile/seat
Applications Case
    Using TOPOS temperature sensor
    Using TOPOS temperature sensor
    Using TOPOS temperature sensor
    Using TOPOS temperature sensor
TOPOS Research
TPOPOS・Energy storage industry cluster temperature collection experts

· Few domestic advanced manufacturing companies with NTC chip (0.6mm packaging technology) design capabilities

· There are very few domestic full-size automatic single-end glass sealing machines and single-end thermistor testing machines

· Domestic exclusive dual temperature point (B value) diode-type thermistor tester, achieving 0.3% accuracy for medical and military use

· 5 invention patents, 100 utility models, 2 reserved technologies

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