Shenzhen TOPOS sensor technology co,. LTD
Shenzhen TOPOS sensor technology co,. LTD
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Our Thermistors and Temperature Sensors are suitable for a wide range of temperature measurement
Temperature control and temperature compensation applications.TOPOS is the partner that prepares you for what's next.
Home Appliance
Coffee Maker Machine Temperature Sensor
Home Appliance
Coffee Maker Machine Temperature Sensor
TOPOS sensors solutions to meet the daily demands of home appliances.
Coffee Maker Machine Temperature Sensor
Barbecue Oven
Pellet Grill Inside Temperature Sensor TPS200813-31
Barbecue Oven
Pellet Grill Inside Temperature Sensor TPS200813-31
Outdoor BBQ is a very funny activity, and the pellet grill is necessary, it’s a very popular cookware in America.
Pellet Grill Inside Temperature Sensor TPS200813-31
Office Automatic System
Disposable Medical Body Probe
Sensors for Medical Applications are crucial for the accuracy and reliability of products and solutions within the industry.
Disposable Medical Body Probe
Customization for your needs every time, we make higher accuracy, more stability, and shorter response time Thermistor & Temperature Sensors for you.
  • Temperature Sensor
    Temperature Sensor
  • Thermistor
  • Other Sensors
    Other Sensors
Projects Experience

As one of the experienced sensors suppliers,TOPOS is trustworthy enough to have supplied custom temperature sensor products and sensor solutions for such a great number of projects all over the world.

  • High precision NTC thermistor

  • Shortest response time

  • Very stable performance

  • Wide range of temperature environment

  • Company Profile
    Company Profile

    TOPOS industrial sensor manufacturer, founded in 2003. In the beginning, TOPOS sensors factory is the first company that can mass-produce the most stable glass-bead-type thermistors. 

  • Patent

    The MTG Glass Bead Thermistor, the minimal OD is 0.6±0.1mm, 0.8±0.1mm, this technology is the first in China, only after Japan and Korea in the world.

  • Honor Certificates
    Honor Certificates

    MTG glass bead thermistor, this MTC technical can compete with Japan and Korea, the first in China.

  • R&D Department
    R&D Department

    Our R&D department have 8 senior engineers, all of them devote to the temperature sensors over 10 years, and our company invest several millions to our R&D team every year.

Our Clients
We are committed to providing clean and renewable energy to factories, households, and utilities around the world. To that end, we strive to manufacture differentiated
high-power solar panels that realize a low Levelized cost of energy (LCOE). by integrating high-quality and highly-reliable cells.



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