Cell Contacting System
Topos is a Cell Contacting System Supplier and High Precision Temperature Sensor Manuafactruer
Temperature Solution is Our Thing
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Self-developed energy storage CCS with NTC chip and temperature sensor
Integrated development, consistent quality

National High-tech & "Specialized Special New" TOPOS

Energy storage harness
Energy storage harness
One of the few domestic NTC chips, sensors and wiring harness integrated development, consistent quality. It meets the requirements of energy storage wiring harnesses such as stable signal transmission, flexible structur···
Lithium battery equipment
Lithium battery equipment
Topos Temperature sensor/wiring harness forlithium battery equipment.Distinctive features: easy to install and adapt to various installation requirements; stable performance (PT100, PT1000, high-precision and high-sensit···

100 patents, 2 patents reserved for undisclosed technologies

Shenzhen Topos Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, Topos is a national high-tech, specialized and innovative enterprise. The company mainly develops temperature collection products such as NTC chips, thermistors, temperature sensors, energy storage/new energy vehicle harnesses, energy storage CCS integrated collection buses, etc.

The company is headquartered in Shenzhen and has a 20000 square meter industrial park in Wuhan. There are 600 employees, including 55 research and development personnel. With a full range of independent intellectual property rights in chip material formulas, 5 invention patents, and 27 utility model patents, it is the earliest enterprise in China to mass produce high-temperature series single ended glass encapsulated thermistors, and the 0.6mm minimum size packaging technology is exclusive in China. At present, we have independently developed 18 fully automated production lines, 5 fully automated testing lines, the only dual temperature point (B-value) diode thermistor testing machine in China, and the most complete testing laboratory in the industry.

Topos, based on service and technology to achieve customer value, has obvious competitive advantages: independently developing NTC chip core technology and achieving medical accuracy of 0.3%; 100 patents, 2 reserved undisclosed technologies; Provide one-stop service for temperature control products to customers.

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