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Industrial control
Industrial control

When the motor is started, it needs to overcome its own inertia and the reaction force of the load at the same time, so the motor needs a large current and torque when it starts. Connect the PTC thermistor in series with the starting auxiliary coil. After starting, the PTC thermistor enters a high-impedance state and cuts off the auxiliary coil, which can exactly achieve this effect.

Industrial control
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· Few domestic advanced manufacturing companies with NTC chip (0.6mm packaging technology) design capabilities

· There are very few domestic full-size automatic single-end glass sealing machines and single-end thermistor testing machines

· Domestic exclusive dual temperature point (B value) diode-type thermistor tester, achieving 0.3% accuracy for medical and military use

· 5 invention patents, 100 utility models, 2 reserved technologies

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