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Temperature sensors for food probes

Material: SUS304 stainless steel probe/PVC injection molding handle/silicone wire

Operating temperature range: -25 250℃

Response speed: 3S

Output signal: Analog signal output


1. Using a long-term aging single ended glass sealed thermistor, it has high stability and fast reaction speed;
2. SUS304 food grade stainless steel shell, in compliance with national food grade standards;
3. The length, diameter, and appearance of the shell can be customized according to customer requirements;
4. The shell has excellent sealing performance and excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance;
5. Insulation parameters: 500VDC in air, greater than 100M Ω;
6. Voltage withstand parameters: Apply 1500VAC for 2S between the sensor conductor and the housing, without breakdown or flashover.


NTC single ended glass sealed resistor/PT100/1000 platinum resistor (customizable)


Industrial instruments, teaching instruments, food temperature measurement, medical drug reaction kettles

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