• PCB CCS Solution
  • PCB CCS Solution

PCB CCS Solution

Material: PCB/hot pressed film/aluminum bar, etc

Operating temperature range: -50~150℃

Response speed: 3S

Output signal: Analog signal output


Product: including fuse

Production: High degree of automation

Lightweight: Small installation space

Appearance: Smooth and beautiful


1.  Isolation board: fireproof and flame-retardant. The material is PC+ABS or PA66, etc.

2.  Acquisition end shell: pure nickel shell, thin shell wall, fast thermal conductivity, and good welding penetration effect.

3.  1060 aluminum bar: lightweight structure, low impedance, and fast heat dissipation.

4.  Connection and fixation: laser welding, firm and beautiful, high degree of automation.

5.  High sensitivity and rapid response (resistance value and B value accuracy can reach ± 1% respectively).

6.  The finished product has a withstand voltage of up to 4200VDC.

7.  Built in high reliability single ended resistor, equipped with patented internal structure technology, with a lifespan of up to 20 years.


Industrial and commercial energy storage, communication energy storage, household energy storage, and portable energy storage

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