Thermistor Temperature Sensors for Smart Water Dispensers and Wall-hung Boilers

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Thermistor temperature sensor is a thermistor and probe whose principle is that the resistance value decreases rapidly as the temperature rises. It usually consists of 2 or 3 metal oxides mixed in a fluid-like clay and calcined in a high temperature furnace into a dense sintered ceramic. Their physical size is very flexible and can be as small as 0.010 inches or very small diameters. There is almost no limit to the maximum size, but generally less than half an inch applies.


Ⅰ. The thermistor temperature sensor is suitable for the smart water dispenser

In our daily life, drinking fountains can be seen everywhere. With the development of science and technology, people have developed smart water dispensers, which greatly facilitates people's usage habits. Compared with the old way of boiling water, the water dispenser is much more convenient. The water dispenser has 2 water outlets, one for hot drinks and the other for cold water. The hot water adopts an automatic temperature sensing heating method, which is more environmentally friendly and faster than the traditional method. The automatic temperature sensing heating water dispenser uses the thermal sensor switch characteristic of the thermostat equipped with the thermistor temperature sensor to control the temperature of the hot drink of the water dispenser, and at the same time plays a role in safety protection. The intelligent water dispenser cleverly uses the intelligent temperature control system and adopts the NTC high-precision temperature sensor. In this way, the water dispenser will not overheat and burn out when there is no water. Moreover, the automatic temperature sensing heating water dispenser can save energy, and the safety of smart home equipment can also be improved.

Ⅱ. The external thermistor temperature sensor for wall-hung boiler

The wall-hung boiler is a water heater that uses natural gas as the energy source. It has various safety protection measures such as anti-freeze protection, anti-dry burning protection, accidental flameout protection, over-temperature protection, and water pump anti-jamming protection. Therefore, many families will choose to use gas wall-mounted heaters. In the gas furnace, the above safety protection measures are inevitably inseparable from the application of the external wall-hung furnace tube clamp thermistor temperature sensor.

The external thermistor temperature sensor is not only used in wall-hung boilers, but also widely used in other products, such as bbq probe thermometer, ice crushers, bread machines, ovens, microwave ovens, frying pans, cooking machines, water dispensers, boiling water buckets, Electric kettle, coffee maker temperature sensor, soybean milk maker, heater, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, washing machine, smart toilet, dryer, air conditioner and other household appliances, car air conditioner, refrigerator, etc.

When installing and using thermistor temperature sensors, the following should be noted to ensure the best measurement results:

1. Errors caused by improper installation;

2. Errors caused by poor insulation;

3. Errors introduced by thermal inertia;

4. Thermal resistance error.

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