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Home appliance temperature control sensor

Material: Copper 59

Operating temperature range: -40~125 ℃ (customizable)

Response speed: 3S

Output signal: digital output


1. Adopting high-temperature resistant and highly stable components, with fast response and stable use;
2. Stainless steel shell, meeting national environmental protection standards;
3. The front end thread design of the shell has a small diameter, convenient use, and accurate temperature measurement;
4. Encapsulated with epoxy resin, with good waterproofing and convenient use;
5. Parameters and templates can be customized according to customer requirements.


NTC (diode, single ended, small black head, etc.), KTY, PT100/1000, thermocouple, etc
NTC single ended glass sealed resistor/PT100/1000 platinum resistor (customizable)


Home appliance temperature control

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